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I bought two mares in 1988 when I was at Casper College (Casper, WY) from Dale Stiles, a gray and a sorrel. My Grandfather, Dean Emerson, had raised and trained horses all his life, but I gained most of my knowledge through trial and error. It was nice though, to have Gramp's seal of approval on the foals and horses I raised and bought. Any horse that I buy is bought with the intention of being a long term asset. I am not interested in raising a lot of horses, just the best that I can.

I have started all of the mares that I raised and now breed. However, I do have a few mares that I bought and have not rode, but their foals are kept and started so that I know what I am raising. The studs that I breed with are ridden and used on the ranch. The mares and studs being ridden insures that the colts are capable. Emphasis is placed on Muscle, Agility and Disposition. The Disposition is of the utmost importance because horses are asked to do more at a younger age with less riding than in the past. There are horses that I have raised and started in Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri and Florida and all are doing a variety of activities.
Items for Sale
I have note cards for sale. These items are not only artistic, but also representative of the horseman's life. I am sure you are going to like them. Please take a closer look at what is available.
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