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Cattle on the Ranch
Mr. Slate
Herd Sire
Mr. Slate is producing Attention Getting sons and daughters, both in the show ring and the pasture.

      ~ Mr. Slate sired MHF Cornerstone, the High Selling Bull at NAILE 2002 and the Champion Jr. Bull at Fort Worth 2003.

      ~ Mr. Slate sired MHF P Virginia. She was the Grand Champion and Champion Intermediate heifer at Jr. National Braunvieh Show 2003 and sold at Fort Worth Sale in 2004 for $10,000.00

His progeny are easy keeping and are enhancing cowherds with masculinity and feminity. The calves are vigorous from birth with a healthy appetite.
We have semen, bulls and 100 head of replacement heifers for sale by private treaty. If you are interested, please contact me.
Cattle Herd
Our Cowherd
The cowherd is an Angus X Braunvieh cross that is black (dark hided), then bred to 1/2 blood Braunvieh X Angus up to Polled Purebred Braunvieh bulls. The resulting calves are outstanding replacement heifers, bulls and feedlot cattle. A set of heifers were all fed out and the data returned as follows:

      ~ 77% Choice with a yield of 63.67% and 5% Prime - CG =52.765.

The steer mates were fed and the feedlot data is as follows:

      ~ 38 Steers -        CG=$0.40752     ADG=3.536
     ~ 167 Steers -       CG=$0.47879     ADG=3.018

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