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Colonel Valzan

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15.2H 1100 lbs Has been Ranched on! Branded on Valzan and He was Really Good and Drug like a Champ the other Day! Cut cows, Pasture roped, Moved cows & Ridden miles!! Needs Experienced Rider and Needs a Job!! Valzan's pedigree is second to none!! ##Valzan has been ridden by 2 Gals that have used him to calve on and ranch on for 3 weeks+ and more video will be available of them using him.

**** Turned out and got in Jan 4, 2013 and rode off, Wants to Please!! Click to watch Valzan Video.

Valzan has cut a Front foot pretty Bad so He is healing up from that.

Colonel Valzan Ima Smart Colonel Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena
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