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Tiger Da Spinci

NICE Handy sized 6 yr old Gelding!! 14.3H Ranch Raised & Used for Every Aspect on the Ranch. Catch him & Ride off No Matter how long turned out! Seen the miles & Wants to Please!! Consigned to FullHouseHorseSale.com June 2011 Sale Pending on 10 day Guarantee!!!

I have been the Only one to ride Tiger, so I am going to say that an Experienced Rider should be the New Owner. He Does Not Buck & Has Never Bucked with me. Tiger has Life to him, Not silly but NO Dead Pig!!

Tiger Da Spinci Leosmarto Da Spinci Royally Smart Smart Little Lena
Royal Gynn
Lady Buck Leo Country Bill
Crowley's Lady
Becky Dolleo Rays Kwando Hancock Kwando
Moonbeam Hancock
Becky Doll Cash Ken Doll Cash
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