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Sugar Snack Mac

15.1 H 1150 lbs Really wants to Ride!! May 9, 2013 Branded at my Brothers drug calves and Really Nice. He Wants to Please and VERY Responsive plus Handy-Footed!!! *HAD BEEN TURNED OUT FOR 2 MONTHES, RODE OFF NICE!!! I have been Using him to check and tag calves and He is Nice(Spring 2013)! I have roped a few calves, drove cattle, and travelled miles on him. He is my Go-To horse!! Mac's papers are as NICE as he is! Haidas Little Pep bred horses are known for being Good horses!!! I Will Agree with that!! But He is a Really NICE Horse!!

Sugar Snack Mac Im A Sugar Snack Snackbox Haidas Little Pep
Brudders Sunday Best
Panda De Sugar CJ Sugar
Panda De Peppy
Maxys Girl Crown of Honor Riches and Honor
Flame Top
Maxy Blair Blair Rocket
Mac's Lill
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